IV Therapy in Johnson City, TN

IV Therapy

IV Therapy, a modern wellness solution offered by Flawless Medicine in Johnson City, TN, involves injecting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This method allows for higher concentrations of nutrients to be delivered to the body than would be possible orally, leading to more effective and rapid results. Various health concerns and conditions can be addressed using IV therapy, including dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, and symptoms of various chronic conditions. It’s particularly popular among individuals seeking to enhance their overall health and wellness, boost energy levels, and improve athletic performance.

The services offered by Flawless Medicine include the Myers Cocktail, Inner Beauty, Performance and Recovery, Get Up And Go, and Quench, each tailored to meet specific health and wellness needs. The Myers Cocktail, for instance, is excellent for those struggling with chronic conditions, providing a mix of vitamins and minerals for ongoing pain and asthma relief. Inner Beauty is ideal for enhancing skin radiance and promoting healthy hair and nails. For athletes, the Performance and Recovery IV offers nutrients that aid in faster recovery and improved athletic abilities. The Get Up And Go IV is perfect for those needing an energy boost and metabolism enhancement. Lastly, Quench is designed to rehydrate and combat fatigue. Typically, results from these therapies can be noticed soon after treatment, with effects lasting for days to weeks, depending on the individual’s health status and lifestyle. To explore the benefits of IV Therapy and find the right treatment for you, book an appointment with Flawless Medicine today.

Benefits of IV Therapy


Individuals looking to enhance overall wellness, manage symptoms of chronic conditions, improve athletic performance, or simply seeking a boost in energy and hydration can benefit from IV Therapy.

Many clients experience immediate benefits, such as increased energy and improved mood, right after the treatment, with more significant results becoming apparent in the following days.

The duration of the benefits can vary, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on the individual’s health and lifestyle factors.

IV Therapy is generally well-tolerated with minimal downtime. The injection site may cause mild discomfort or slight bruising, but serious side effects are rare.

It’s recommended to be well-hydrated and have eaten prior to your IV Therapy. After the treatment, maintaining hydration and following a healthy lifestyle can help prolong the benefits.

During IV Therapy, you can expect to relax while a small IV line is placed, usually in the arm, through which the chosen nutrient solution is administered. Typically, it takes 30-60 minutes to complete the process.

IV Therapy at Flawless Medicine

Myers Cocktail

This unique blend is packed with essential multivitamins and nutrients, expertly curated to ease chronic conditions such as persistent pain and asthma. Named after Dr. John Myers, a pioneer in using intravenous vitamins and minerals for relief from various health issues, this cocktail continues his legacy in providing health support.

Inner Beauty

Tailored to enhance your natural beauty, this treatment consists of six sessions infused with high-quality ingredients aimed at strengthening hair, skin, and nails. It works to minimize wrinkles and deeply hydrate your skin, revealing your inner radiance and youthful glow.

Performance and Recovery

This specialized IV therapy is formulated to accelerate recovery post-injury and enhance athletic performance. The package includes six treatments with top-tier compounds, designed to foster peak physical performance and overall health and wellness.

Get Up And Go

Energize your body and activate your metabolism with this dynamic IV therapy. Comprising six sessions, it’s loaded with compounds believed to aid in fat burning and metabolic enhancement, supplying essential nutrients to optimize your overall well-being.


Combat dehydration and the resulting fatigue with the Quench IV Kit. It includes six treatments of specially formulated compounds to rehydrate your body thoroughly, ensuring you regain and maintain optimal levels of hydration for your health and vitality.

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